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Step By Step Guide to Cafetalk

1. Download Skype

Lessons on are held on Skype, a free software application that enables high quality internet video calls. You can download Skype for free here.

Download Skype

Create a Skype account

2. Create a Cafetalk account for free

The next step is to create a Cafetalk student account. In order to access many features available on, we ask that you sign up for a free account. Unlike traditional language schools, there are no registration fees, admission fees, or monthly fees. Registration is safe and easy. With your membership, you can access a dashboard that will allow you to request lessons, message your tutor, or check your lesson schedule. Sign up for free.

3. Purchase Points

In order to take lessons on Cafetalk, you need to purchase prepaid points. Points are available from 1,500 points [1,620 yen (tax included), you can also make purchases in USD or EUR] We accept credit cards, Paypal, Rakuten Anshin Shiharai Service, or bank transfers (from Japanese or Korean banks only). Many tutors on offer free trial lessons that do not require any points, but please note that you can only take one free trial lesson per tutor.

4. Search for Lessons & Tutors

Now you are ready to search for lessons and tutors. Cafetalk’s search function allows you to search lessons and tutors by native language, nationality, available time, and more.

You can try out tutors with similar interests or professional experiences that match your needs. If you plan on taking a trip overseas, then you might be interested in taking a lesson from a tutor who lives in your destination and can share local information.

Lesson Search Page

Tutor Search Page

Some tutors introduce themselves through video, which allows you to listen to their accents. Take a look to at the tutor's profile page to see if they have an intro video.

You can take lessons from as many tutors as you like. We recommend that you try out multiple tutors to find the best one for you.

5. Request a Lesson

Once you find a tutor that you're interested in, you are ready to request a lesson. Go to their profile page, click on the lesson you wish to take, and click the "request lesson" button.

6. Lesson Confirmation

Once your lesson request has been submitted, please wait to hear back from your tutor. Once they confirm your lesson, you will receive an automated lesson confirmation message.

We recommend that you come up with a specific topic you would like to talk about during the lesson*. If you let your tutor know what topic you'd like talk about during the lesson, they will be better able to prepare a lesson for you, which will maximize your lesson time. Learn a few phrases or vocabulary words that are related to the topic and try using them during the class to for a better learning experience. Make a commitment to use those phrases/vocabulary words during the lesson.

*You can let your tutor know what you want to talk about when you submit the lesson request, or you can message them afterwards. Letting your tutor know what exactly you are looking for in the lesson will help maximize your lesson time.

7. During the Lesson

Please log onto Skype prior to the lesson time and wait for your tutor to contact you.

8. After the Lesson

When your lesson is over, go to the requests page from your dashboard and open the lesson you just finished. Click on “Complete this lesson” (Please note: Your tutor can also complete the lesson from their side as well, if your tutor has already changed the lesson status to “completed,” this step is not necessary.) We ask that you leave your tutor feedback in order to help improve Cafetalk. Your tutor can also leave feedback for you. Come back and see what they wrote for you.
*Please note: Reviews are optional. Your tutor might not leave feedback for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support through Skype (, email (, live chat (on the bottom right of our homepage), or telephone (1-415-799-7701)