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Trial Lessons

About Trial Lessons

Trial lessons are short, discounted (or free) versions of a lesson that allow you to get a feel for the tutor and lesson content before you commit to the full price version.

It is up to the tutor to decide whether or not they would like to offer trial lessons. Lessons that have trials are marked with this green "Has Trial" icon. Lessons that are not marked with this icon do not have trials.

trial lesson icon
trial lesson icon

Pictured about is a Japanese lesson that has a standard length/price of 50 min for 2800 points, and a trial length/price of 25 min for 1000 points (hover your cursor over the green mark or click on the lesson to see the trial lesson details).

How to Request a Trial Lesson

Click on a lesson that has the green "trial lesson" icon and then click "request lesson" to get to the scheduler.

Once you click on your desired date and time you will be taken to the "Create New Request" page.

On the "Create New Request" page, there will be a section that says "Has Trial." Click on the button that says "Request a trial lesson" and the request will automatically change to the trial length/price.

Click on the green button that says "Review" and you will be taken to the next page.

Make sure all of the information (lesson title, lesson time, amount of points) looks correct, then click "Submit."

You can request one trial lesson per tutor. If you have booked a trial lesson with a tutor once, you cannot book the trial version of another lesson with the same tutor.

When signing up you will receive 5 trial lessons. After that, you will receive an additional trial lesson after taking 5 paid lessons.