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What is the “thank you points” function?

This is an explanation of the “thank you points” function, which can be used when you want to express your gratitude or support a tutor.

When you click the “thank you points” button, you can send points and a message to the tutor to show your appreciation and support.

How to use the “thank you points” function

  1. Click on “send thank you points” on the request page
  2. Enter the amount of points you want to send
  3. Enter a message of support for the tutor
  4. Please check that you understood cancellations or refunds are not possible.
  5. Click the “send thank you points” button
  • “Thank you points” cannot be cancelled or refunded. Please make sure to check the amount before sending.
  • Only purchased points can be used as thank you points. Points received from campaigns cannot be used for this purpose.

What if there is no Thank You Points button displayed?

If the status of your lesson request is NOT "completed":
The Thank You Points button only appears on completed requests. If your lesson status is still on "pending" or "confirmed", please wait until your request is set to "completed" after taking the lesson. Alternatively, if the lesson has already taken place, you can click on the "Feedback" button to set it to "completed" yourself.
If your tutor is not eligible for Thank You Points:
Only tutors who have been certified with the 100% satisfaction guarantee are able to receive Thank You Points from students. If the 100% satisfaction guarantee has been removed or is not currently certified, you can not send Thank You Points. You can only send Thank You Points to tutors who have the button displayed.

Show your appreciation and support your tutors!

You can use the “thank you points” function when you want to express your gratitude to a tutor or when you want to support a tutor. You can send your Cafetalk points to your tutor together with a personal message. Why not try sending a thank you note to your favorite tutor?