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How Do Lesson Requests Work?

Students book a lesson with you based on the available times in your schedule. It’s not possible to reschedule a pending lesson request, so it’s important to keep your schedule up to date and avoid having to decline lesson requests. (*It is possible to reschedule confirmed lesson requests if there are still more than 24 hours left before the confirmed lesson start time.)

Once the lesson has been confirmed the tutor should add the student to their Skype contact list and send a chat message to let them know who they are.

Approx. 5 minutes before the confirmed lesson start time the tutor should contact the student in the Skype chat and let them know that the lesson will start soon. The tutor should then initiate the call at the lesson start time.

The tutor should furthermore keep track of the lesson time and end the lesson at the scheduled time. (*A free extension of the lesson time is possible but should be agreed upon by the tutor and the student.)

The tutor should complete the lesson requests within 24 hours after the end of the lesson.