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Can I use my tutor fee to take lessons as a student?

How to take lessons with your tutor fees

If you have a connected student account, you can transfer your payment to the student account to take lessons.

How do I create a connected student account?

On your Dashboard, please click the "Create Student Account" button.

Please fill out this form to create your student account. Aftwards you will be able to switch between both accounts via your dashboard.

How to transfer points

Please create a manual payment request first. You can learn more about payment requests here.

Please create a request for 3000 points or more, to transfer the points. If you would like to transfer only a partial amount of your next payment request, please adjust the date selection to narrow down the request that will be included in the payment request.

Please open the payment request. There you will find a button to transfer your points.

*Please note that transferred points will have the same validity as purchased points: 5 months from the time of transfer.