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How to Issue a Receipt

Our new system now allows students to issue their own receipts!

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Select “Points” which is located in the upper part of your dashboard.

2. Select "Issue a receipt" on the right side of the “Points" page.

3. Select your purchases that you would like to include in the receipt, then click “Next”.

*If you would like to list multiple purchases at once, please select all that apply.

*Please note that the currency unit will be the one used at the time of your purchase.

*If you would like to receive a receipt in Japanese, please switch the flag symbol located in the upper right corner, and change your language setting.

4. Fill in the required information in the "Name on Receipt,” "Online Lesson Fees," and “Notes", then click the green "Create Receipt" button on the bottom.

5. Your receipt will be created on our website as a PDF file, which you can save to your device or print out.

Now you should have your receipt.

*Please note that once a receipt has been created, it cannot be reissued.

If you would like to view and save the same receipt again, please select the "Issued" button attached to the relevant purchase history on your receipt issue page.

*Students will be able to issue their own receipts for purchases made after January 1st (Tuesday), 2019, AM9:00.

If you need a receipt for an older item, or if you have a specific request, please use the inquiry form to request one from our office.