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What do I need to do before the lesson starts?

It’s finally lesson day!

Please sign in to Skype 10 minutes ahead of the lesson start time and wait for the tutor to contact you.

The tutor will call you on Skype when it's time for the lesson.

It's recommended to also have the lesson request page opened in your browser as well.

■ You can check request pages here.

If you are new to using Skype...

Please call the Cafetalk support team on Skype.

Please search “” on Skype!

After you find the "Cafetalk support" account, please click the telephone mark to call.

*Please note that there might be time when the support team gets busy and you might not be able to get through right away.

If so, please wait a moment, we will contact you as soon as possible.

What if your tutor doesn't contact you?

If your tutor doesn’t call you even when it’s time for the lesson, please click the “alert” button on request page.

Once the alert is sent to us, the support team will contact the tutor and confirm the situation.

In case that tutor does not show up for any reason and the lesson is cancelled, all points will be refunded.

If you would like to cancel the lesson, please go to the request page and click the “Cancel” button.