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How to Register Your Qualifications

About Registering Your Qualifications

Uploading qualifications, certifications, and licenses onto your profile can make you more appealing to potential students.

Your qualifications will be displayed on your profile after a verification process.

Please note: You first need to complete your identity verification before you can upload your qualifications.

Register Your Qualifications

【STEP1】 Select『Qualifications』

After logging into Cafetalk, go to your dashboard (my page), then 『Profile』and select『Qualifications』

【STEP2】 Add New Qualification

If you have a teacher’s license, TESOL, TEFL, or JLPT certification, please register it here.

【STEP3】 Submit for Verification

Please select your qualification and attach verification documents.

If your qualification is not listed(in the drop down menu), please let us know via the Inquiries box.

【STEP4】 Completion

We will send you a notification via email after verifying your qualifications.
※ Your qualification will be displayed on your profile page.

You can organize your qualifications by dragging and dropping them.
※ These changes will be reflected on your profile.