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Adding Skype Contact Before Lessons

Adding Your Tutor On Skype

Tutors are instructed to add students on Skype as soon as possible after receiving a lesson request, but if you would like to add your tutor first, please follow the steps below.

After logging into Cafetalk, click on "Request" from your dashboard.

Click on the lesson request you'd like to add your tutor for. This will take you to the lesson request page.

On the right hand side of the page, there is a blue button that says "Add Contact." Clicking on this will open up the Skype application on your computer.

You may see the following pop-up. If so, click on "Open Skype".

Once the Skype application opens, you will automatically be directed to a page where you can add your tutor.

Write in a personalized message if you wish, then click the "Send" button and your contact request will go out to your tutor.

Use of Video Calls and Contacts

The key pages you might find useful are Video calling and Adding users to your contacts. The latter page is a required reading as you’ll need to know how to add your tutors and students to your contact list before a lesson.

Also, you can get more detailed information about Contacts on Managing your contacts.