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Step By Step Guide to Skype

Before you start your first lesson, here are some basic things you need to know about using Skype. For additional information, please click on the following links. They will take you directly to the official Skype website pages that will provide explanations in further detail.

1. Download Skype

In order to start using Skype, you first must download Skype.

2. Start Using Skype

This step by step user guide explains everything you need to know from how to open Skype to how to create an account. If you do not already have a Skype account, please follow this user guide to create one.

3. Adding Contacts

After you have successfully set up your Skype account, it’s time to add a contact. On Cafetalk, it means to add your tutor’s Skype ID.

For practice, try adding Official Cafetalk Counselor to your contact.

Official Cafetalk Counselor Skype ID:

You can contact your Cafetalk Counselor anytime when they are online.

A tutor’s Skype ID will be visible to you by requesting his/her lesson.

4. Send Instant Messages (IM)

This user guide explains how to exchange messages (chat) with users (or tutors) on your contact list.

When your lesson time comes and you want to contact your tutor, you have an option to send him/her a message instead of calling him/her right away.

5. Call Someone who’s on Skype

In order for you to start a lesson, you and your tutor must call each other. This user guide explains how to call users (or tutors) from your contacts just like making a phone call.

6. Call Someone with Video

If you have a web cam, try using it during the lesson. For a higher quality lesson, we recommend the use of video. This user guide explains how to call someone on Skype with video.

Additional User Guides

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Call Someone on their Phone or Cell Phone

You can make calls to phones and cell phones from Skype. There is a small fee involved, but it can be a great deal (for calling your relatives overseas, for example). It might be worth looking into.