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Cafetalk lessons, beyond online

Online lessons are not the only thing available at Cafetalk!

Online Seminar

Video learning is possible through the live online seminars delivered by tutors around the world.

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Music Concerts

Since 2015, we have been hosting concerts at music halls in Tokyo. Wet hope to provide a place for our students, who study music online, to present their work in offline spaces.

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The 5th Cafetalk Music Festival 2019

Other Offline Events

We also organizes seminars throughout Japan, including a nationwide seminar for the English learning service, “Hapa Eikaiwa” and a Korean language seminar lead by a popular influencer, Dahee.

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Hapa Eikaiwa
A popular influencer, Dahee

Support Service for Various Collaborations

We offer a variety of services including collaboration projects, campaigns, and seminars among Cafetalk tutors and other companies. The Cafetalk tutors' high motivations and skills allows us to make those collaborations into reality.

If you wish to invite Cafetalk tutors to your office to lead a seminar, or to perform at a concert, we can help!

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