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Taking lessons over 40 minutes on Zoom

For lessons longer than 40 minutes on Zoom (free account)

Calls can last up to 40 minutes; once you leave, there is a 10-minute cool-down time (during which you cannot enter the room) and you must wait.

Therefore, you cannot use Zoom for lessons longer than 35 minutes with tutors who use a free Zoom account on Cafetalk.

The tutor's Zoom account associated with Cafetalk is the "host" of the call, so if the tutor's Zoom account is a paid account, there is no 40-minute time limit.

When requesting a lesson longer than 35 minutes...

For lessons exceeding 35 minutes with a tutor who has a free Zoom account linked, only Skype can be selected.

*In order to allow enough time for lessons to start and end, lessons that can be conducted on Zoom will be limited to 35 minutes.

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