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How to Use Coupons

What is a Coupon?

Coupons are what tutors use to offer discounts on their lessons. Here we explain how to find and use coupons.

How to use coupons

1. Find a coupon you want to use

Login, go to the coupon page, find the coupon you want to use, and click "get coupon"

2. Select the lesson you want

Double check the validity period and click "request lesson"

3. Select a valid date/time

Click on a slot in the scheduler to reserve a time.

The lesson’s date and time must fall within the coupon’s validity period in order for the discount to apply. Validity periods are shown in your time zone

4. Apply the coupon

The coupon will appear on the next page under "Coupons you can currently use." You may see multiple coupons here. Click on the one you want to use.

When you click on a coupon, the amount of "Points used for this request" will change accordingly.

To send the request, click the "Review" button at the bottom of the page, and then the "submit" button from the next page.

Where to find coupons

There are three ways to view your coupons.

1. From the site’s top page

Click on "Coupons" from the "Why Cafetalk?" menu on the top page.

2. From your dashboard

After logging in, you can find the "Coupons" section in the middle of your dashboard. The number of coupons that have been personally sent to you will be shown in parenthesis. Click "See all coupons" to view and redeem coupons.

3. Messages from our tutors

You can also find information about coupons from the "Notification from tutors" section in the middle of your Dashboard.

Click on a message title to see more details.

Tutors may also send coupons directly to your Cafetalk inbox.

After taking a look at the coupon details, you can redeem it by following the steps above.