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How to use Online Standby

What is "Online Standby"?

"Online Standby" is tool that was created in response to students looking for immediate lessons with tutors.

Without having to book a lesson in advance, you can check which tutors are currently available for lessons and book a lesson of your choice immediately.

Can I cancel an "Online Standby" lesson request after I made a booking?

As a general rule you can't cancel the request once it has been made.

However, if the tutor has not confirmed the request within 5 minutes after sending it, the request can be cancelled.

What should I do if my "Online Standby" lesson request isn't confirmed?

You will be able to cancel your request after 5 minutes have elapsed after submitting the request; after 10 minutes, the request will be automatically cancelled and the points used for the request will be returned to you on the spot.

If your request is not confirmed, we are very sorry, but please cancel the request yourself or wait for the automatic cancellation.

What is the chat function? Is what I write recorded?

The "Online Standby" chat function allows you to communicate with the tutor from the moment you submit your request. The tutor may send you a confirmation message before starting the lesson. Please use the chat function to ensure a smooth lesson.

The content of the chat function will be recorded as a comment on the request details page, so you can also check it later.

At what stage does the lesson time counter start?

The count will start when the tutor presses the button on the call app (Skype/Zoom). The count is only an estimate. If it takes some time for the call to connect, please discuss with the tutor about the lesson time.

Please note that if the tutor starts the lesson without pressing the button (directly from Skype or other means), the timer will not start counting.

My tutor is not showing up on Skype/Zoom. What should I do?

Please contact Cafetalk staff through the chat box at the bottom right corner of the site.

We will check the situation with the tutor and assist you with the scheduling of the lesson.