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What is Cafetalk?

What Does Cafetalk Have to Offer?

Cafetalk is an innovative service in which you can take one-on-one language lessons through Skype. You can choose your favorite tutors, request lessons, and send/receive messages on Cafetalk’s website.

To use Cafetalk’s service, please register here. Registering on Cafetalk is easy and free! It’s a huge money saver compared to language schools that charge registration, initiation, and monthly fees.

What Will I Need to Use the Service?

Cafetalk members must purchase prepaid points in order to take lessons (1 point equals 1 yen -- before tax). The minimum purchase is 1500 points (1620 yen including tax). It’s a pay as you go system in which you only buy as much as you need, so you’ll never waste your money. If you wish to close your account, the process is very simple. However, please note that if you have any points left over, we cannot guarantee you will receive a refund.

Many Cafetalk tutors offer free trial lessons for 0 points (free of charge), so do not hesitate to try them out. Please note however that you cannot take more than one free trial lesson with the same tutor.

How to Get Started on Cafetalk

Start Guide: A step by step guide on everything from registration to taking lessons.

Tell Me More!

If you are having a hard time finding tutors and lessons to take, please request a free counseling session. Cafetalk counselors will recommend the best tutors and lessons for your needs.