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What is Cafetalk?

Intro To Cafetalk

What service does Cafetalk provide?

What is Cafetalk?

Cafetalk is a service that allows you to find a tutor or a lesson online. You can, for example, take a language lesson via Skype. All lessons are one-on-one, so you can take a lesson that meets your needs. You can search for tutors and lessons, request lessons, exchange messages, and purchase points all within the Cafetalk’s online platform.

Teachers and lessons with diverse characteristics!

Currently there are about 2,000 teachers and 16,000 lessons! (As of May 2020)

Have you ever felt bored during a traditional language learning process, in which you have to repeat the similar conversations with the same instructor in all lessons?

Cafetalk has a diverse and unique team of teachers with a wide range of skills and experiences living abroad. Our tutors’ background varies from being global businessmen, professional basketball players, lawyers, and bilingual teachers. Those tutors teach original languages lessons including Korean, English, Chinese, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and so forth. Their creativity and great communication adds value to their teaching!

In addition to those language lessons incorporating students’ common interests, many of the Cafetalk tutors offer lessons for TOEFL, TOEIC, Eiken, and other exams, as well as the lessons for children. Students can find a teacher or lesson that best suits their interests and needs, which allows Cafetalk to offer every student the efficient and best language learning experiences.

Our motto is to make lessons fun, and our tutors are always willing to help you improve your language skills... Cafetalk can help you find your ideal learning environment.

It’s not just about languages! Plus one lesson at Cafetalk

More and more students are taking one additional lesson (Plus one lesson) besides their regular language learning at Cafetalk.

For example, you can have combination of [English + yoga], [Italian + vocal music], [French + counseling on relationships], and so on. Children are also increasingly combining non-language activities, such as [piano + dance], [abacus + programming], and more.

The ability to take lessons in multiple categories in your home is another advantage of learning through Cafetalk!

Find your own personal learning style!

How do I start a lesson?

You can find the process from registration to the end of the lesson in our starting guide.

I want to know more!

If you don’t know how to use Cafetalk, or if you can’t find the teacher or lesson you want, please contact us for a free consultation. Our counselors will help you find the right teacher or lesson for you!