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What kind of company runs Cafetalk?

Smallbridge Inc. is the company which operates Cafetalk. As it may have already mentioned, Cafetalk is one of the largest online learning websites in Japan.

The staff’s nationalities vaires from Japan, Germany, USA, Brazil, South Korea to Taiwan. We work in three different time zones, but mainly work from our head office in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The common denominator of this international team is that everyone has lived (or has lived) in a country outside their country of birth, and speaks at least two different languages.

And we’re all trying to bring their “spices of the world” to life!

Keywords of Smallbridge

Spice up your life

Smallbridge creates value through unique services that maximize the power of individuals. We operate our business to deliver new "spices of the world" to the customers across different countries, languages, cultures, and places.

We create services that are used by people around the world, and create a culture where we respect each other, while working on the projects in which all members can enjoy being involved.

Smallbridge Team

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