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How to Request a Payment

What is a Payment Request?

You can request payment for completed requests. In order to create a payment request without Cafetalk’s transaction fee you need to have accumulated at least 3000 points in fees. However you can also create a payment request if you are below that limit but a 300 point transaction fee will be subtracted from your payment.

We will also explain how to set up automatic payment requests.

How to Request a Payment

【STEP1】Select Sales    Payment Requests

After logging into Cafetalk, you will be directed to your dashboard. From there, please select “Sales” in the menu at the top, you will be redirected to the Payment request page.

【STEP2】Create a Payment Request

From the “Request Payment for Fees” page, click on the “Create Payment Request” button.

【STEP3】Make a Request

After checking the contents (dates, lessons, etc.), make the request to Cafetalk. After this, your payment request will be completed.

How to Set Up Automatic Payment Requests

Go to Menu, then “Profile” and from there, select “Payment Settings”. In the bottom section of the page, there will be an “Auto Payment Request” option. Click “Automatic” and save.

If you select this option, your account will automatically send a payment request for completed lessons on the first of every month.

※However, please note that payment requests cannot be made if the lesson fees for that month are less than 3,000 points total.

※All calculations are based on UTC time