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How does Online Standby work

In order to use Online Standby the tutor has to qualify for the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and allow requests from new students. Please check the information on the Online Standby page for more details.

1. Select an Online Standby lesson

Select an end time and a lesson. You can choose up to three lessons total, but you have to set them up one by one. It’s also possible to select hidden lessons. You can’t offer coupons for Online Standby lessons but you can change the price and time of the lesson.

You’ve successfully added a lesson. You can now add more.

Your online standby time will automatically end once the end time you have set up has passed. If you would like to leave earlier (or if you have to leave your desk for more than 5 minutes) please cancel all of your current standby offers.

2. Confirm an Online Standby request

A student has made a lesson request. You will receive a browser notification and an sms on your mobile phone.

Please note:

  • Online standy requests have to be confirmed within max 5 minutes of receiving the request
  • Please first confirm the request and then contact the student
  • After the lesson is over you can complete the request on the Online Standby page