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System Requirements for PC’s - Live Seminar

Before Watching the Live Seminar

Before watching the live seminar, please check that your computer fits the system requirements.

※Please note that depending on the model, you may not be able to view the videos.

Environment Check

■ Version of Adobe Flash Player
→ We recommend version 10.3 or above. Please update to latest version possible.

Adobe Flash Player Version Check
※This link will direct you to Adobe’s website.

■ Browser Version
→ Please update to the latest version possible. We recommend using Google Chrome to watch the live seminars.

Google Chrome Version Check
※This link will direct you to Google’s website.

Firefox Version Check
※This link will direct you to Mozilla’s website.

Internet Explorer Version Check
※This link will direct you to Microsoft’s website.

Sound and Volume Check

■ Is your mute button on?
→ Make sure you turn off the mute button and raise the volume before watching the live seminar.

Speaker Check

■ Audio settings
→ Please check that audio is coming out of your speakers before the live seminar and raise the volume if necessary.

■ If you cannot hear the sound well
→ If your volume settings are correct and your headphones are connected properly, your speakers may be the cause of the problem. Please consult with your computer’s manufacturer.

Headphone Check

■ Are your headphones muted?
→ Please check your headphone’s volume controls.

■ Are they connected properly?
→ If the sound is faint or keeps pausing, your headphones may not be properly connected to the USB port or 3.5mm mini jack output terminal.

■ If you still cannot hear the sound well
→ A cable may be disconnected. Please disconnect your headphones from the computer and see if sound comes from the speakers.

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