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How to Reply to a Lesson Wishlist Entry

What is the Lesson Wishlist Feature?

Through the wishlist feature you can find lesson orders from students which are directed at all tutors of that particular category.

The students write about lessons they want through this “Lesson Wishlist” feature. The tutors can pick one of their lessons that best fits the student’s message and recommend it to the student.

You can suggest a lesson if you provide a lesson that fits the student’s wishes. Please note that inappropriate or vague entries will be hidden from the student. You may refer to the following tips to make sure you succeed:

When replying to a request, please make sure you meet all of the student’s requirements.
Please refrain from sending out “standardized” messages to as many entries as possible; these will be filtered by the system.
A successful reply to an order lesson is usually a thoughtful, individual reply addressing the student’s specific needs and proposing a lesson that really fits what the student is looking for.
If you ever need help replying to a Wishlist posting, feel free to contact Cafetalk Tutor Support.

There are different ways to access the wishlist page from your dashboard.

You can either go to “Promotion” in the top menu and then select the Wishlist in the “Promotion Tools”.

Promotional Tools
Promotional Tools

Or you can check recent wishlist entries directly on your dashboard and open the wishlist page from there.

The orders from students appear here. Click a lesson order on Lesson Wishlist to make a suggestion with your lesson.

Select your lesson, and input the details of your suggestion for entry. If you don’t have a lesson fitting the student’s order yet, please create a it first and then reply to their message.

If your entry is successful, that order is closed and a notification mail is forwarded to the student.

*Please note: Since any tutor can make an entry for one order, there is no guarantee that your suggestion and lesson will be chosen.