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Frequently asked questions about Zoom lessons

This section is currently available in the following languages only: English, Japanese, Korean
이 도움말 페이지는 영어, 일본어, 한국어로 제공됩니다.
此部分目前仅提供以下语言版本: 英语, 日语, 韩语
此部分目前僅提供以下語言版本: 英語, 日語, 韓語

• When you cannot speak or hear the other person’s voice

→ The Zoom app may not be able to read your device’s microphone or speaker. Please be sure to test prior to taking a lesson. Click here for an automated test. In addition, if your microphone or speaker does not work properly, please uninstall the app, re-install it, and start up the app again. There is no need to sign up for a new account for this procedure. You can sign in with the account information you have already created.

When you do, you will be asked “Do you want to allow Zoom to have access to your microphone?” and “Do you want to give Zoom access to your camera?”. If you “Allow” these two, your microphone, speaker, and video will start up properly in Zoom.

• I forgot my Zoom password before the lesson

→ You can easily reset your Zoom password. Please visit the following page and follow the procedure to reset your password.

Password reset page:

Also, if you feel that you are going to miss the starting time of your lesson, please make sure to let the tutor know via the comment box on Cafetalk’s request page.

• I can’t get into Zoom by clicking the Zoom icon on the request page

→ The Zoom link on the request page will be available for you to enter one hour prior to the scheduled lesson time. Please double check your lesson time.

• I want to change my Zoom background

→ Zoom allows you to set a virtual background.

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Start a meeting
  3. Select the arrow next to “Stop Video”
  4. Click “Select a virtual background”
  5. Select a virtual background, or click the + on the right and add images/videos
  6. You can use any image you like as your Zoom background