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How Do I Pick The Right Tutor?

Can I choose my tutor?

The system allows students to choose the tutor of their choice for each lesson.

Tutors from about 90 countries offer lessons on Cafetalk. There are not only professional tutors who teach specialized lessons, but also people who are usually active as lawyers, actors, singers, athletes, professional dancers, and other business people, sharing their skills. One of the strengths of Cafetalk is that you can take one-on-one lessons from a wide variety of unique tutors with a broad range of skills and experiences.

Teaching methods and materials used during lessons also differ from tutor to tutor. We hope you enjoy their differences and find the tutor that's just right for you.

How do I decide?

"There's so many, who should I choose..." you might think. Don't worry, you can narrow down your search by entering various criteria in the Tutor Search or Lesson Search.

If you have any questions about choosing a tutor, please feel free to ask in the chat box at the bottom right of the Cafetalk page! We will introduce you to a tutor who is perfect for you.

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