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Conducting lessons over 40 minutes on Zoom

Please beware of time limitations imposed on free calls

Zoom used to have no time limitations for 1-to-1 calls for customers on the free plan. However, due to changes in their Terms of Service, starting May 2nd 2022, all free meetings will have a 40-minute limit regardless of the number of participants in the call.

* Paid Zoom accounts connected to Cafetalk are not subject to this 40-minute limit.

* Please note that after a meeting ends (at the 40-minute limit) you will be able to restart the meeting for another 40 minutes using the same meeting link.

In response to the changes above, we suggest that you take the following method if you need to continue with a meeting beyond 40 minutes on the free plan.

When the call ends after 40 minutes, click on the "Start Zoom" button on the request page again to restart the meeting.

Suggested procedure for handling lessons over 40 minutes.

When the tutor is using a free Zoom account, the host (in this case the tutor) will see a warning around 30 minutes into the meeting which announces that they only have 10 more minutes left.

At the opportune time (does not necessarily have to be at the 40-minute limit) the tutor should let the student know that they will be restarting the meeting and that the student should rejoin by clicking the same "Start Zoom" button on the request page. Once the student is informed, the tutor can end the meeting by selecting "End Meeting for All" on the Zoom app. Both the tutor and student should then click the "Start Zoom" button on the request page again to start afresh. *The same procedure can be followed in case participants are forced out of a meeting when the 40-minute limit is reached.

If the student is not there when you re-enter the Zoom meeting, please contact the student first using the comment section on the request page and then let us know in the chat box on the bottom right of the Cafetalk page. (It would be easier if you provide us with the request number)

Changing the call app assigned to a request

It is possible to change a request that was first designated to be delivered using Zoom to a Skype request.

However, please keep in mind that some students may have very little experience with Skype, let alone have a readily working Skype account.

For that reason, if you would like to change the call app on a request to Skype, please get permission to do so from the student first. Once you have approval from the student you can let Support know through the chat box on the right bottom corner of the site (please make sure to have the relevant request ID on hand).

Our Future Plans Regarding Zoom

Cafetalk plans to continue making Zoom available as an option for tutors and students. However, due to this recent change we may explore other additional options as well as providing an in-house call app for future lessons.

If you are considering upgrading to Zoom's paid plan and need support or advice please do not hesitate to contact Cafetalk Support through the chat box.

*This article is temporary. The information and solutions proposed on this reflect the state of Zoom as of April 30, 2022. We will update users of any significant developments through the dashboard.