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What are Online Stand-by Tutors/Online Stand-by Lessons?

Find “walk in” lessons!

When tutors are available to teach lessons right away, they will appear on your dashboard under the “Online Tutors” bar like this:

*Currently Online Standby lessons are only available via Skype. Thank you for your understanding.

*Lessons with online stand-by tutors are called online stand-by lessons.

Request a lesson from an online tutor!

If you click on an online tutor, all of their available lessons will be shown on the next page.

*Please note that while you are browsing the tutor's lesson descriptions, the tutor will also be able to see that you are browsing.

Choose a lesson and click “Request Lesson.” You will automatically be signed up for the next available slot (the expected wait time will be shown at the bottom of the page).

Don’t forget to login to Skype and accept the contact request from your tutor.

*Requests for online stand-by lessons can be confirmed via the "Request" page on your student dashboard, in the same way as regular lessons.

*If you would like to cancel your lesson request, you can click the cancellation button on the request details screen.

*Please note that if you decide to cancel after your request has been confirmed, you may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the lesson fee.

*In some cases, the category may not be displayed on your dashboard temporarily after you click the “x” button to hide the category. The category will reappear after a certain period of time, but if it does not reappear after a few days, please contact Cafetalk.