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How To Use Free Tickets

1. Lesson Vouchers

Here we explain how to use lesson vouchers.
Lesson vouchers (also known as “free tickets”) are sometimes presented to students during promotions.

The number of lesson vouchers you have is shown at the top of your dashboard.

2. How to Use a Lesson Voucher

Request the lesson as usual. Once you get past the “Select schedule” page, you will see an option to use your ticket in the “Discount” section of the Review Request page*
Check the box to use your free ticket. Write a message in Memo/Comment if you’d like, then click the Review button.

*Please note that this may not be displayed for all lessons if your ticket is only eligible for certain categories (for example, you cannot reserve free music lessons if you received tickets for Japanese lessons).

3. Review Information

Please check the information you have input, and then send it. You can have one free lesson per ticket.